SCIBE Vienna Team publishes focus issue of dérive

“The Vienna Model of Public Housing Provision – Superblock turned Überstadt” is the title of the focus issue of the Austrian Urban Research journal “dérive” (

In this issue of dérive the VIENNA team is able to present some of the findings of its research so far. Starting with a genealogy of publicly funded housing since the end of the World War II,  the text investigates the alteration of a formerly ideologically coined politics towards a liberalized system of an integrated housing market in which Vienna’s municipality directly and indirectly controls about the half of housing real estate in the Austrian capital, and in which the boundaries between social housing and private investment are blurry. The subsequent text presents parts of a wider analysis of the discourse in and around the Vienna model of housing provision, discussing the aspiration of the city of Vienna to address a multitude of possible ‘consumers’. A third text reports on a series of (anonymous) interviews conducted by the research team last winter. The interviewees speak about their personal prospects and challenges in the Vienna housing provision. Finally, the concluding text tries to frame the current situation by looking at the Superblock turned Überstadt. The text aims to address the specific Viennese situation and its innovative efforts.