[3] Scarce Times: Alternative Futures | Procedure

Rather than run a traditional selection competition, The Architecture Foundation and SCIBE will be holding two events in July 2012, from which collaborating teams will emerge. Both events will take place in East London’s legendary Kingsley Hall, where Gandhi stayed during his visit to London in 1931.


During the first stage (14 May to 2 July 2012), participants will be issued with the briefing document and prepare first responses to the issues raised. A maximum of 50 individuals or teams will present their responses during EVENT ONE on 2 July 2012, as part of the London Festival of Architecture. Participants can enter on their own or with a team of their choosing. They should register their interest by completing the REGISTRATION FORM and returning it via email to scarcityandcreativity[at]gmail.com before the registration deadline, 14 June 2012. They will then receive further information regarding all remaining registration formalities.

Event One will allow for new groupings and re-grouping of people interested in each other’s work. It is designed as an informal, collaborative afternoon: participants will have a strict 200 seconds to introduce their interests and approaches to the briefing document to everyone else. The presentation may be accompanied by a maximum 10 images, but equally could take a more informal or performative format. It is important, however, that the presentation conveys a clear and personal stance in relation to the wider project. After the presentations, there will be a networking event with food and drink, during which details can be clarified, names can be exchanged and new teams of like-minded people can begin to form.

We anticipate a healthy degree of mayhem and stimulation.


All teams are invited to continue their work and prepare a more considered response to the briefing document during the second stage (3 July to 23 July 2012). Groups may be supplemented with particular expertise (i.e., members added to the team), but only those with a majority of people who attended Event One will be allowed to enter EVENT TWO, which will be held on 23 July 2012.

Each group (we anticipate around 12 groups) will have a strict ten minute slot, followed by ten minutes of questions from both the floor and the selection panel. The panel will consist of representatives of The Architecture Foundation, the SCIBE team, the Young Foundation and the local community. Based 50% on popular vote among everyone present and 50% on the selection panel’s choice, four teams will be selected to work with the SCIBE team.


During this stage, the selected teams will receive thorough feedback to help them develop their projects further. This will involve up to four structured workshops to assist in the development of ideas and provide community contacts. The competition organisers will make an effort to connect the winning teams with funding sources or other support to help them realise any of their ideas. The selected teams will be paid an honorarium of £4000.

The selected teams will be invited to present their ideas at the 3rd European Urban Summer School (TIMES OF SCARCITY – RECLAIMING THE POSSIBILITY OF MAKING, 21-30 September 2012, University of Westminster) and to exhibit and publish their work, as relevant, in SCIBE-related exhibitions and publications.

We hope the collaborative and research-based nature of the project will allow all teams and individuals to supplement their own working methods and learn new skills for their future practice.

Download the full briefing document and registration form.