[2] Scarce Times: Alternative Futures | Mission

Based on a thorough understanding of the current conditions of real, perceived and constructed scarcity in Bromley-by-Bow (as documented on the following pages), teams are invited to develop a vision for the area in 2062, and then propose the devices and approaches that would be needed to achieve this vision starting from now. Proposals should be based on a set of ground rules:

  1. Future visions should be extrapolated from and respond to conditions found on the ground in Bromley-by-Bow today (i.e., they should not be invented ab initioor be generic). This is not to put a brake on the creativity of the proposals but to contextualise it.
  2. Visions should address scarcity – real, perceived and/or constructed – in a manner that mitigates its triggers, conditions and effects.
  3. Visions should work more with resources (infrastructure, people, materials, etc.) that are there already rather than bringing in new stuff.
  4. Focus should be more on the means, actions, devices and methods of achieving the vision than the design of it as some form of ‘solution’.
  5. Proposals can be at any scale.

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