SCIBE. Scarcity and Creativity in the Built Environment.

This collection brings together some of the essays and reports produced by team members on the conceptual and on-the-ground work around scarcity, creativity and housing in London, Vienna, Reykjavik, Oslo and elsewhere in the world. Contributors include Barbara E. Ascher, Isis Nunez Ferrera, Jon Goodbun, Deljana Iossifova, Michael Klein, Arna Mathiesen, Andreas Rumpfhuber and Jeremy Till.

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Times of Scarcity: Reclaiming the possibility of making the city
Selected notes from the Third European Urban Summer School, London, September 2012.

The Third European Urban Summer School (EUSS) explored old and new approaches to planning and urban design in times of scarcity. Contributions include essays by established and emerging scholars as well as experienced and young planning and design professionals.

Available as eBook here.


The SCIBE Working Papers are published as work in progress in order to disseminate the progress of the project: they are thus discursive and provisional and should not be seen as the author’s or research team’s definitive take on the subject. They are published under a Creative Commons License.

01 Constructed Scarcity | Jeremy Till

02 The Production of Value – Scarcity/Abundance: Reality/Ideology: Social/Natural | Jon Goodbun

03 Social Creativity | Christian Hermansen

04 Co-designing Urban Opportunities | Clare Brass, Flora Bowden, Kate McGeevor

05 Preface: Red Vienna … Forever? | Andreas Rumpfhuber, Georg Kolmayr, Michael Klein

06 Urban Scarcities: A Look at Shanghai | Deljana Iossifova

07 Some Thoughts about Scarcity | Edward Robbins

08 Operational Scarcity | Michael Klein

09 The Impossible Happening | Andreas Rumpfhuber

10 Scare Stories: scarce stories | Jeremy Till

11 From Objects of Austerity to Processes of Scarcity | Jeremy Till

12 Naming Scarcity: sociomaterial, transcalar and translocal | Deljana Iossifova

13 From Scarcity to Abundance: social housing in Oslo from 1945 – 1980 | Barbara Elisabeth Ascher

14 “Built Rationally!” Olav Selvaag and the Austerity Debate on Housing | Barbara Elisabeth Ascher

15 F**k Scarcity | Jon Goodbun

16 Scarcity and Creativity | Jon Goodbun

17 Scarcity, Creativity and the Role of the Creative Industries | Deljana Iossifova

18 Freedom through Scarcity? Initial Approaches to Alternative Urban Futures | Deljana Iossifova

19 The Future, Green? | Deljana Iossifova

20 Scarcity Is… | Deljana Iossifova