SCIBE with Soweto Kinch at Kings Place

SCIBE were honoured to collaborate with the great Soweto Kinch for his concert at Kings Place on 31st May 2013 as part of the HERA conference. Soweto first met with Jeremy Till, who introduced the themes and direction of the project. From this Soweto took five key words (Redistribute, Redefine, Adapt, Restart and Optimise) and together with the Swiss singer Andreas Shaerer improvised around these terms. The results were played to packed auditorium, with Jeremy making a very basic video which can be seen here. What was particularly inspiring was that our approach to scarcity and creativity, which had been developed in the context of the built environment appeared to have real resonances in a musical context – though it should be said that Soweto’s brilliant capacity to improvise with words and music made the transfer very easy.