SCIBE at the World Urban Forum VI | Naples, Italy

Participatory Design for Inclusive City Building

Hosted by ASF-UK in collaboration with SCIBE, UN-Habitat and DPU-UCL

On 5 September 2012, Isis Nunez Ferrera facilitated a training event on participatory design methodologies at the World Urban Forum in Naples, Italy. These methods have been developed in action-research workshops in Brazil and Kenya and have been recently implemented as part of the fieldwork exploring scarcity and creativity in the informal settlement of Mathare Valley in Nairobi, Kenya.The session focused on practical approaches for designing the built environment which: 1) respond to the local realities of people living in informal settlements; 2) facilitate an interactive and productive relationship between design professionals and residents; and 3) address policy and city-wide dynamics.

The training event attracted over 100 participants from a diverse range of backgrounds – residents, CBOs, NGOs, private sector, academics, as well as managers of large scale development projects and local and central government officials. It consisted of a short introduction to the overall concepts and approaches of participatory design followed by working tables representing three scales of intervention: city, neighborhood and housing level. In each of the tables relevant tools were demonstrated, applied, and discussed by participants. A concluding plenary session drew together the key themes and lessons and highlighted next steps and ways forward.