[3] EUSS Format

This year, the European Urban Summer School will be hosted by London’s University of Westminster, founded as Britain’s first polytechnic in 1838 and has developed into a hub for business, professional and academic life. The School of Architecture and the Built Environment (SABE) is one of the country’s leading centres in the field. The main partner in facilitating the EUSS is the Scarcity and Creativity in the Built Environment (SCIBE) project team.

Potential participants and tutors at the 3rd European Urban Summer School,TIMES OF SCARCITY – RECLAIMING THE POSSIBILITY OF MAKING, are encouraged to apply via email as early as possible in order to be considered (see here for details on the application process for participants and tutors). The EUSS 2012 Joint Committee (Deljana Iossifova and Jeremy Till (University of Westminster), Maros Finka (AESOP), Dominique Lancrenon (ECTP-CEU), Piotr Lorens (ISOCARP), Derek Martin (IFHP) and Izabela Mironowicz (AESOP)) will select up to 60 Young Planning Professionals and the most suitable tutors.

Based on existing research into the perception and modes of scarcity in the study area, the SCIBE team will provide EUSS tutors and participants with an in-depth briefing document identifying its economic, cultural, social and environmental assets and shortcomings. Participants will then work from a grounded understanding of contemporary issues in the study area to develop proposals for solutions and test those using long-term future scenarios.

Facilities for lectures and workshops, working space and internet access for up to 60 participants will be provided at the University of Westminster’s recently refurbished Marylebone Campus. In order to facilitate communication with the local community in the study area (Bromley-by-Bow), workshops and events will also take place in the Kingsley Hall community centre during weekends.

Apply as participant or tutor!