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The Vienna project is called “Modelling Vienna”. It explores the development and the current situation of the –meanwhile nearly a 100 years old – success model of social housing provision in Vienna. In a first phase of the project the team analyzes the current situation in Vienna in a twofold way: (1) By means of “actors”-interviews and the analysis of discourses in Vienna the research field is being framed on a general level. (2) selected casestudies allow to research specific research-questions. Thereupon – in a second phase of the project – the project aims at drafting scenarios for a future housing model. These help to sound and identify potentials and possible actions and strategies for a socially sustainable development of the current model.

Introduction to dérive: The Vienna Model of Housing Provision in Times of Austerity

Public & Social Housing in General Social and public housing once qualified as a means of intervening in society in order to achieve the equal distribution of ever expanding wealth in Europe. Municipal housing, as well as state owned industry, restrictive regulations such as taxation on luxury and speculation and the stimulus of subsidies were the legitimate and broadly accepted tools by which to ...

Radio Show on Vienna Housing

Initiated by the editors of dérive - Zeitschrift für Stadtforschung, and in conjunction with the release  of dérive #46 - The Vienna Model of Housing Provision, the Vienna team was interviewed for a radio feature about housing issues in Vienna. You can listen to the radio show (in German) here

SCIBE Vienna Team publishes focus issue of dérive

"The Vienna Model of Public Housing Provision - Superblock turned Überstadt" is the title of the focus issue of the Austrian Urban Research journal "dérive" ( In this issue of dérive the VIENNA team is able to present some of the findings of its research so far. Starting with a genealogy of publicly funded housing since the end of the World War ...

Andreas Rumpfhuber and Michael Klein at Leuven Conference

Andreas Rumpfhuber and Michael Klein, two members of the SCIBE Vienna team, are invited to speak at a conference entitled: Architecture for Leisure in Post-War Europe. Andreas' paper focuses on leisure as the extended field of labour; Michael will talk about the 'Gemeinschaftseinrichtungen' - the common spaces in Viennese Social Housing. The event, organized by Janina Gosseye and Hilde Heynen will ...

SCIBE at ‘Kooperativ Stadt Bauen’

Andreas Rumpfhuber from the SCIBE team in Vienna gave a talk at the ARCH+ Features, which took place in the course of the EXPERIMENTDAYS VIENNA on December 18-20. The event focussed on cohousing and sustainable and creative urbanism. Watch the video of the lecture and the debate here.

Expert Workshop with Aristide Antonas – “Population of Fragments”

Population of Fragments is part of an irregular series of internal workshops with people passing through Vienna. The workshop series aims to address the project’s framing of scarcity and creativity with a focus on the analysis of the Vienna Model of Public Housing. Aristide Antonas is a Greek architect and writer, associate professor at the University of Thessaly, postgraduate seminar director ...

Andreas Rumpfhuber at ETH Zurich Symposium: Whose Participation?

Andreas Rumpfhuber will give a paper on 
"Participating Performatively" at the Symposium "Whose Participation? Spaces of Interaction in Contemporary Art and Architecture" at the ETH Zurich.

Michael Klein at Archtheo ’11 in Istanbul

Michael Klein from the SCIBE team Vienna will give a paper entitled ‘a few steps towards an operational notion of scarcity’ at ARCHTHEO 2011, an international symposium on the theory of architecture. The symposium will take place from 23-26 November at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University Istanbul, for further details see here.    

Expert Workshop with Pier Vittorio Aureli – “Labour and Creativity in Post-Fordist Cities”

Labour and Creativity in Post-Fordist Cities is part of the a irregular series of internal workshops with people passing through Vienna. The workshop series aims to address the project's framing of scarcity and creativity with a focus on the analysis of the Vienna Model of Public Housing. Pier Vittorio Aureli is an architect and educator. He teaches at the Berlage Institute and ...

Housing Glossary and Map

This glossary and the adjoining map are tools for the Viennese project team to trace the material on social housing provision. We refer to these terms as we learn of their use according to rhetoric consensus at an institutional level. The aim of this ongoing process is to frame the complexity and reach of a housing system and its institutions ...