“On Scarcity” : A Manifesto

The three teams will be coming together in late October for a writing retreat in an Austrian monastery. The idea will be to develop our joint ‘manifesto’ on scarcity, a document which will be at the same polemical and useful, trying to set out our collective take on this pressing issue and the way it affects both the built environment and wider social issues. We want this document to be accessible to a broad audience, mainly because there is so little material that directly addresses the issue of scarcity, and yet it is a condition that we all are going to have to make sense of.

But before starting to write this document, we are collecting exemplars of other such manifestos/texts/documents that set out a compelling issue in a lucid and gripping manner. We would welcome any suggestions on this. Please email j.till@westminster.ac.uk or tweet @jeremytill with any ideas.